• The CSA Catapult represents a vital component in the compound semiconductor ecosystem, which brings together a critical mass of capability and expertise, propelling the UK to a position of global leadership.

    Dr Drew Nelson

    President IQE plc

Rapid progress

From a standing start in 2018, the Catapult has built a team of nearly 100 talented employees, developed a state-of-the-art innovation centre and initiated over £100m of projects. Our rapid growth is testament to market demands and the needs of the customers we serve.

We have recruited a diverse team with over 30 PhDs and over 700 years of relevant experience. Our team has the business acumen and credibility to help our customers negotiate the most complex contracts, ensuring maximum return from projects. Since 2018, we have started work on over 25 projects, involving more than 100 partners, which are currently valued at £145m. These projects are transforming the UK’s electronics industry, from advanced electric vehicles to remote monitoring of rail infrastructure.

The timeline below highlights the key activities in creating a world-leading innovation centre, and our ambitions as a global leader in advanced electronics.

Our collaborative projects and other activities are currently forecast to create or safeguard at least 4,700 jobs. Over ten years, the activities of the Catapult are forecast to generate over £500m gross value add to the UK economy, as the companies we are working with grow their businesses.

  • A bold vision for growth

    We are working to make the UK a global leader in developing and commercialising new applications for compound semiconductors. The industry is poised for incredible growth, from today’s market value of $67bn to over $350bn in ten years. Growing the UK proportion of the global market by just 1% will create a sizeable economic return, benefitting companies across the UK.

    Achieving this vision requires sustained coordination, maintaining the UK’s academic lead while aligning the UK industry with the greatest global opportunities. To deliver the vision, we must increase our collaborative activities, accelerate commercial scale-up, upskill a new generation, safeguard intellectual property and reach out to new international partners – to address new and emerging markets.

    In return, society will benefit from new jobs, increased prosperity, and improved outcomes delivered by the technology of the future.

    The Compound Semiconductor Applications Catapult is at the heart of a growing UK success story. We hope you can join us on this exciting journey.

Compound semiconductors – enabling technologies of the future

Next-generation technologies, from electric vehicles to satellite communications and remote health monitoring, require compound semiconductors. These semiconductors combine two or more elements from the periodic table to create a compound. Unlike semiconductors based on silicon, which is a single element, compound semiconductors are faster, more efficient, and emit and detect light efficiently.

Decarbonising the planet, whilst delivering economic benefits across the UK, is surprisingly reliant on next-generation chips made using these compound semiconductors. These chips will power electric vehicles and manage renewable energy from solar and wind power. Similar chips will deliver high-speed internet services, such as 5G and next-generation satellite communications. They will open up new opportunities in health diagnostics and guidance systems for autonomous vehicles. In short, compound semiconductors have the potential to transform the world of technology in the 2020s as radically as the silicon transistor did in the 1960s and 1970s.

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